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2001-11-08 00:05:51 (UTC)


At camp a couple of weeks ago Jen told the youth group
something that made me, and her cry. She said she never
believed in God or anything for alot of her life. And she
constantly questioned what her parents were making her
believe in. Jen told everybody this story... We had
assigned seats in ART and she had to sit by me, we weren't
always friends because she was popular and outgoing, and I
was soooo shy! Well, anyways, one day a whole bunch of the
popular people from our ART class all came over to sit by
Jen, and I just happened to be there listening to their
convo. They were talking about God and how none of them
believed in him or church. Then Jen said "If you can't see
it, then it doesn't exist, so how am I supposed to know if
god exists?" and I quietly said "you just gotta have
faith." I dont even remember this happening but Jen said it
changed her life. It was something so insignificant to me,
and I probably almost went without saying it because I was
so shy. But i did, and I cried, because I dont think that
people realize how much they touch eachother's lives
everyday with simple little things. And now jen says,
everytime she questions anything, she always remembers me
saying "you just gotta have faith."

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