down in my eyes
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2001-11-08 00:02:55 (UTC)


The one thing that depresses me the most rite now... are
guys. 'N the thing that pisses me off the most is how they
tell you that they really do care.. 'n they even supposedly
go out of thier way to prove it to u.. butt, just when u
start to believe 'em.... they leave you!!!
I seem to be magneted to these sort of individuals. 'N i'm
getten straite up tired of it. ..
The saddest part is, in the midst of 'em sayen that they
care.. :(but they truly don't).. u grow to care about them
soo much more... 'n then, just when I think things are goin
great in our relatnship.. you blink and suddenly they're
gone. And to them, it's like you nevr even existed.. while
to you, ur life is nevr the same. ..'n you're left with
this big emptiness inside.

It's like a trap or sumfin.