lil girl

my eyes
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2001-11-07 23:12:51 (UTC)

"I know we are the lucky ones"

but that doesn't make me feel any better.

it looks like this:

(approxiately... connect the lines, and u've pretty much
got it, almost the same size, even)

I know I shouldn't.
He was talking to me today about doing stuff you don't want
to do. We are so much alike. He draws, I write. We think.
We get depressed. We find joy in stupid things, in nothing.
We hate people.

It is something that matters.
(^^^ STRONG statement)

"In the end, it doesn't even matter"

True for most of what I did today. Smiled with out meaning
it. Laughed for no reason. School work. Behaviour.

I connected. The one thing today that matter.
Felt slightly less alone.

I don't want to talk.
I want silence.
Futile desire, that one.