Scenes from a Marriage
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2001-11-07 23:01:06 (UTC)

Wednesday, November 7th

I don't think that my life can get any worse than it has
been this year. I will be very glad when this year is
over, the bright spot in all of it has been my DS and my
job. That is pretty sad. I feel like crying today, I am
so tired of taking care of everyone else and not having
time for me. Now I have to get 2 teeth pulled next
Thursday, and I pissed off my manager becasue I told the
other manager, I just thought that since I came in on his
shift he would be the one to tell, guess I was wrong. I
just don't feel like I can do anything right today.

The next round will come with my mother watching DS the
next two days becasue he doesn't have school, I am sure she
will tell me what a bad job I am doing raising him. Last
time the conflict was becasue he dyed the top of his hair
blonde. We go to his parent teacher conference on Friday,
his progress report was A's and B's, so I am hoping his 1st
quarter grades will be the same, he has had a few bad
papers here and there, but nothing below a C. He is such a
smart boy, sometimes a smart alec, but nothing really bad.
Just that pre-teen thing.