Jan's Life
2001-11-07 22:53:57 (UTC)

~*~ Stuck in the Middle ~*~

Hey... wow... it;s been awhile since I've written since
I've been so busy I guess... or maybe I just haven;t been
thinkin of tyler lately. My biggest focus is on friends.
Geez am I having a hard time. Well here it goes... hannah,
my best friend is the type of girl who has to be the center
of attention and ALWAYS the most popoular girl... but then
i have another friend Ashley who sumtimes says things
without thinking.. so here's ashley who wrote a email to
another friend of mine and said some mean stuff... and she
put me and hannah's name on the email also so then emily
was mad at us. But everything with that is cool now, but
they still hate Ashley... Hannah already went to "they're"
side since she's gotta be in the popular side...so I'm
stuck with Ashley.. well not stuck, but like no one talks
to her so i figured I'd stay with her cause I'm just nice
like that BUT... like if I'm with ashley i cna;t be with
anyone else cause she'll be lonely.. so NOW like the "other
side hates me cause I spend like ALL my time with
ashley..ugh i dunno what to do! BUT about tyler... I
think i might be actually goin on with my life.. I mean of
course i'm not OVER him but at least I'm goin on with my
life. He's such a jerk tho... in the car he was talkin to
Ashley about how much he hated 8th grade girls and he said
hannah had "problems"... and his mom agreed.. but I don;t
think he's really talkin about me. But I really wonder
about hannah sumtimes... I have a feeling she's gonna have
a hard time in HS next year if she acts the way she does
now... U can SO tell all she wants is to be the center o
attention and I don;t think the upper classmen will like
it. I really hate 8th grade tho.. why canlt everyone just
get alone like in 7th grade! UGH... I wanna live my 7th
and 8th grade year over!! But I know that god has a plan
for everyone and its a sin to wish to turn back time...
everything happens for a reason. Well I gtg... glad to get
it out! OHHH I hafta get braces tom! I'm toooooo
nervous! BYE!

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