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2001-11-07 22:32:42 (UTC)

po um

my smile
is a rainbow
my teeth are piano keys..
play a song
a song for me


the strands of my hair
are blades of green grass
my eyes are the crystal
the crystal of glass

my toes are the earth
that formed in the mud
my fingers give touch
my fingers give blood

my pain is the dullness
of a sharp rusty knife
it probes me internally
it cuts out the life

lonely graves beckon
calling out my name
"lily" they whisper
my body they claim
big grey worms
await for my death
they wait in the darkness
they wait for my flesh


the sky gives way
for me to enter heaven
the clouds part aside
as I view armageddon
O, so say can you see
the view of misery?
I stare down sadly
and see my body

my flowers grow in d'fferent spots
my skull is now their flower pots
my jaw is home to calm maggot worms
I do not feel them wiggle and squirm
the circle of life has now been completed
Im part of the earth
and a cycle repeated