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2001-11-07 22:26:47 (UTC)

My first time

Well everybody... i am not writing this diary entry about
my first time to have sex. It is titled that because this
is my first diary entry. But i will have to say. All of
my entries will have to do with sex. So just a warning for
those not into that, dont ever come here again. Im kitty,
im kinky, and i get horny all the time. I cant help it. I
have a lot of pent up sexual frustration and i dont know
why. I am not conceded or anything, so this is coming out
the way it sounds. I know im not ugly, thats not why im
not having sex right now. I dont know why not. Im an
actress and a model. I guess guys must be intimidated. I
have done modeling shoots for victoria's secret so i know i
cant look that bad in my thong. What i am trying to find
out is why dont i get more sex more often. I am sooo

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