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2001-11-07 22:25:04 (UTC)

*november 7 - school..yawn*

i had a science test today...i hope i dint fail. my grades
are horrible this quarter. i need to bring them up. badly.

i cannot even stand to think about the lectures my parents
are going to throw at me. but what do they expect? they
never notice when i do something good, i always just ended
up having to sit thru my brothers lecture. they seriously
treat us as though were one person. well were not.

and its the same reaction whether i get a c or an a , but
my report card this semester...and im scared as hell at the
thought...but i am pretty sure that i have at least one f

new topic.

math. as if it wasnt 2nd grade date enough in that class,
now stupid ugly mr f is splitting us all up, the
homewrecker. now one of the only classes i actually have
with anthony and i cant even sit next to him. not that hes
been very talkative to me anyway. eff. its unfair. i feel
like hes mad at me, and then i basically haate myself for
being so obsessive, but you should have seen him in
homeroom today. he rushed into his HR so fast he didnt even
say bye to me, so i snuck in to surprise him and he barely
said a word. dint even hold my hand.
then i got kicked out cuz i had to go to my own hr and
anthony dint even say bye. i wonder what was wrong?

ugh. obsessive little me. oh well. hopefully i can walk
home with him tomorrow, but i doubt it...

well i gg, brothers bein a major brat.


*eve6 - inside out*

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