Valkyrie of Velois

The Days of Deaths
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2001-11-07 21:43:42 (UTC)

Last Day

Today ws the last day of school for a week. I was so
happy and I was in a rather embarassing mood(s); I was in a
flirty and bubbley mood. Very unfortunate, since I was
sitting next to my crush and he was talking to me and I
belive I made a complete fool of myself since I was in such
a bubbley mood. I was talking to him about Octopus and all;
it was too strange of a conversation to repeat here. Lets
just say he now thinks that I am completly mad. I hope I
can fix it but now I am still in that odd mood so I can not
worry for I am bubbley and bubbley = happy, talkative, and
odd for me...
Last night I hurt my shoulder at taekwon do..It
really hurts!
Bye for now..
Valkyrie of Velois