Life and the eternal hamster wheel
2001-11-07 19:16:01 (UTC)

All the things i love to hate

i decided tomorrow is too long to hate.... so here i tell
you the three things i hate most in the world.

1. Capitalism...... is there really any point to it at all?
people say that we need money to survive, but we don't do
we? otherwise god would have given adam a visa card, eve
would have had a purse in woman's first handbag, and there
would have been no fig leaves, only used fivers.... who
would have used them, i dont know! my point is that it's
all just a waste of space..... surely we wouldn't hate
living equally, because we'd all be equal?? okay, so some
people would miss their mercedes and their playstation, but
i dont have those things so i can't miss them. and equality
would be a more just and morally correct form of
government, so AAAARRRGHHHHHHHHH at america!!!

2. Narrow minded people.... who cares what someone looks
like? i'm not a beautiful person in the slightest, but it
doesn't really matter, does it? so, maybe you look at me
and look away again, i'm not pretty or cute on the outside,
but thats really not what matters. we're all heading the
same way - 50 years from now we'll all have dropped 8
inches sothwards, and you'll have a minimum of 2 chins! it
doesnt matter though, cause the inside is what makes you,
not the outside. you can't truly know or love someone until
you've experienced the other side of their skin!!! (no
perverted comments plz!!)

3. Guys who say they're nothing special and that i
shouldn't love them...... every person is different, and
that makes every person special to someone. i wouldn't be
friends with people that aren't special to me, and if
you're either of the two people that i've heard say you're
not special lately, trust me, you are.

other hates........
pop music, except westlife for some unknown reason i can
cope with them.
guys who smell of aftershave - it doesn't smell nice -
don't do it!
people smoking and refusing to accept that i hate it...
nu metal -its not music it's sonic sewage!
hate, war, racism and all the other isms
and finally....... the way that certain persons act.... are
you trying to confuse me on purpose??

Jen ~ The Last Laugh Of The Laughter