the soap my life turns:)
2001-11-07 18:51:12 (UTC)

i'm back!!!!!

hello to all that missed me babygirl is back! :)

let me see where did i leave off with the soap opera.
probably the easiest thing to do is to work my way backward. we go!

Well last night...A.H.(asshole) stopped by...wanted to tell
the kids he was moving soon. Yeeeehaa!!! but the two oldest
were sleeping. He said he wasn't going to get a lawyer. He
said he can't afford to live here any longer...he is
supposedly moving back in with his parents. I have a
question he makes almost $475 a week...doesnt have that
many bills; I've got the most expensive ones...and he can't
live here? Not that i want him to would be best
for him to move back home with his family.

ok...had a nice weekend at my aunt's hotel. I went to
Seacrets with my cousin and his wife. She is just a little
bitch..i can foresee a divorce there. She is pressuring him
into having a kid and he doesn't want one. Don't blame him
there. Well anyway we didn't stay long...she didn't want to
dance or anything. we just sat outside in the cold and had
two drinks...and talked. I had not seen him since i was
pregnant..with my daughter. we were back at the hotel
before midnight and we left at 10. but when we were back at
the hotel...the two of us sat outside in the hallway
talking for two hours. I could tell his wife was pissed
cause she popped her head out the door and said there you
are...i thought you two went back to seacrets. My lord
girl..his is my cousin...yes distant...but none the less my
cousin. I can tell he is miserable.

we were talking and one thing he said to me was that he
felt bad for me...for when i get back into the dating game.
He said it is hard when you have one kid...but you have
three. And that guys are stupid...they don't know how to
deal with someone else kids. He said he knew from
experience. he dated a girl that had a kid and it was
weird. I told him that i had already thought about all that
and it makes me depressed and lonely at times...but not
enough that i would want him back. He said good......cause
if you asked him to come back he would drive 4 hours and
come kick my ass til i had no ass left. I just
laughted..told him he would have to stand in line.

ok...going to start another page this one is getting long!

babygirl aka...kellogg