Life and the eternal hamster wheel
2001-11-07 18:36:23 (UTC)

Life is really a never ending roundabout....

okay, hello!
my names jen, i'm 15, and i've never really written a diary
before but my head's all messed up and i just need to be
able to take all my emotions out on the keyboard for a

well, i'm like a bigger fatter less blonde version of
barbie : i come complete with a full set of friends....
*gemma - the conventional girlie best mate, shopping
partner, shes a slut and i love her!
*howie - the vvv fashionable gay best mate, he's wicked,
but argh he drowns himself in aftershave so he hugs me, i
want to throw up!
*jamie - the disturbingly intelligent know-it-all who life
wouldn't be complete without, but generally causes
arguments and small-scale wars when he's around.
*shaymoly - the un-typical girlie best mate, drinking
partner, listener, shoulder on which to cry, and partner in
crime, but lives 6 hours drive away!
and finally, aaron - the best mate on who i can rely to
cheer me up. he lives about a million miles away, and we
met over the net, but he is truly wicked, and i loves him
like mad.

there's also about a million other mates, at school, at
home, and on the net...... i hope they're not reading this,
but if they must, then hey (delete as appropriate)
gemma, howie, shay, jamie, aaron, kat, heather, holly,
becki, becky, sophie, rachel, alexia, charlotte, laura,
alison, emily, craig, sam, graham, claire, matt or phil!

then there's the ex-boyfriend brigade ( i say brigade, i
mean equivalent to the size of the national army of
*michael - 14 months, pretty cool, but a complete bastard,
social reject. we still talk, without killing each other
too badly.
*rich - 6 weeks, but haven't seen him since vvv messy break-
up. would like to keep it that way, he's clearly not over
the ex before me.

i live on the top of a faraway hill and it's very cool. the
only things missing are shay and aaron, and a wonderful
peaceful place with no GCSE mocks and no bleedin school!
and no parents....

my family are just my parents and my sister and i. my
sisters 22 and lives in holland, so she's a little distant
at the mo. parents - annoying, paranoid (mind u they have
reason to be) and very cool, tho a little old. they are my
personal slaves and i love them very much.

i'll start pouring my heart out to you all tomorrow, if
anybody is really reading this? I think I'm getting bored

Love you all so much for reading this!

Jen ~ Undercover Angel