DayDream Believer
2001-11-07 17:46:44 (UTC)

My little Princess birthday

Today is my little princess birthday, I haven`t been to see
her yet, I`ll think I better do it tomorrow, she`s probobly
busy with famely and friends on her own ange, but I know
she`ll be happy when I come to see her.
She loves me and look up to me. (hihi, whats that to look
up to, right Im tall, but not a good human beeing)

I feel much better now, at least I dont hate my self.
If its because Im better now, or if its just cuz Im so
fucking busy I dont know.
I have ton`s of homework, like 90 pages of histoty, one
chapter of social studis, one chapter of social siences, a
essay and a whole project on wicca, I have my French test
on Friday and English test on Tuesday, which means that I
have to study my whole free weekend.
I tought that I would finaly get some time to relax, but
no, this little angel has better things to do.
So thats why Im not writing so ofthen in my online diary
for the moment, I have to study-study-study.
LOL, Im not angry or something, on one way this is good, I
dont get much time to think about how much I miss Stian or
if Im falling in love with Chris.
I havnet beec talking to anyone of them since Saturday
27.10.01 I think Im doing fine.

Am I doing good or what?