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2001-11-07 17:44:34 (UTC)

What Ever Happened?

November 7, 2001

It seemed like everthing was the world we had eachotther
and we thought of nothing but us. some how ever thing
changed over night. You said that you loved me and that you
would love me no matter what came up in our life's.
Something happened and i can't explain it because i don't
even know what happened and how it happened. My feelings
are crushed now becaus eof what you have said and done to
me. you say that i don't care for you but actually i really
love and care for you know matter what you say or even do.
like i tell you people think i need to get away from you
but i haqve truly tried my hardest to get over you but
there is something about you that i can't let go. you may
think that i am crazy but oh well i know how my heart feels
and i know what my heart is telling me when i'm around you.

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