Lost Slut
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2001-11-07 14:43:57 (UTC)


Oh my God....

i woke a very pissed off mistress...she started off very
cailm..started with nipple rings..rubber ones..put a very nice collar
on me..then bound me on all fours..with my head down..started
spanking hand at first..cracking jokes like does this count as
over the knee?..the the
spanking went from play to punishment..i was in some pain..i acted
like it was worse than it was because i had no idea as to how long it
was going to go on..but this didn't stop mistress..from beating my
ass..then she was talking telling me why..i had fallen asleep on came an anal first it felt dry and
big..then it got hot..thats when she spanked my ass and legs with a
wooden ruler sized paddle..that asshole was on fire..i
begged..please take it out..after what seemed forever..10min..she put
some kind of lube in me..within a few min's i had to go poop..i
begged again she said it had to stay in for five mins...oh god..i
almost shit on my self..then she allowed me to go..this turned her on i ate her and used her real man vib on her..we then went and
got cock locked up..ass on fire..i was like
a body and mind still needed my realese..its all about me
me..i hate to say it..but thats what i was reduced
to...just a needy slut....saw every sight that could be
mistress would pinch my nipples..or pat my cb2000..or poke at my VERY
full balls...or rub my ass hard..we were in public..and she was still
the boss..then we went to dinner..mistress ordered for me..then went
home to change..she un-belted my cock..but it would not get hard..we
went dancing..i got very hard..she teased me..god i was sooo
horny..then we went to gamble..i got mouthy..then we went to the
airport..the trip lasted for hours..i wanted my mistress..i felt
sad..she touched me almost the whole time on the if to
remind me that i was hers..i hate good byes..i wigg out..get
bratty..i went throught the gate and was stripped down to my shirt
and paints to get to my mistress watched the whole time...i
miss her a great deal....later