even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
2001-11-07 14:06:44 (UTC)

gurggle.... gurggle... SNAP....

so, its 8 am, im at kellys and we are waiting for lee... i
didn't take a shower this morning, even thogh mom woke me
upat like, 630.... so i wa slike, awww, fuck it... im
tired... but im dressed kinda sharply today....dickies,
white shite, pink belt... i washed my shoes last night so
they ar eall clean, and the ssmell les, but i think they
are still al ittle soggy... but what te ell... so speaking
of shoes, today im goigng to pick up my new red shoes and
im so excited... im superexcited.... yes... its one
wordd... so... i think... i odn;tknow, its wednesday, and
im.. im really tred, i shouldnt be this tired on a
wednesday...we'll see howtoday goes...i think yesterday i
had a dream about being drunk.. or smehting, i
don;trrmmeber, when i take kavakava before i sleep, i don;t
usually dream, oh my go.. last night before i went o bed it
was really werid, i was laying in bed and all of a sudden
ii satrt to hear things and, im lkike, what th fuck? cause
it like, mechanical screeches and liek,whines, and stuff,
and im like, im myus be making this up, bu thne, liek 5
minutes later, it turns intoand all our ingin, huming,
buzzing in my ears, but ti snot really bad, so iclose my
eyes.. closed eyed visuals, and im like, wow... this is
fuckedup, i attribute it to the kava kava and i go to
sleep... but i don;t rmemebr it ending, and i don;t rmemebr
goign to sleep right away... they say you don;t rmemebr
exactly when you go to sleep, but... its true i guess, but
that was odd... and i woke up an my bak hurt... but i don;t
reel sleepy right now, which i sual;;y might.. so i think
thast good.... i have photo today, i hope i get to rprtin,
im so excited.. today im gonna look through smoe negatives
and get some to print for ashley.. ayeb i can om ein tomrow
early to print htem.... and for me even, i need ot get soem
of those corners.. lees here...