Lost Slut
2001-11-07 14:00:19 (UTC)


we started our day off by sight body and mind still
needed my realese..i saw every thing the town had to
mistress would pinch my nipples..or pat my cb2000..or poke at my VERY
full balls...we were in public..and she was still the boss..we ate
lunch...the thought of being locked in public was very hot for
me..seeing all those sexy gals..watching my mistress flirt openly
with real men..made me feel very it was her right to do
so..which it is..on the way home we went shopping..first food
store..ginger..milk....lil stuff..then we went shopping at a drug
store to buy hair remover..whice i had to wait in line a
look from the sales girl..then onto walmart...oh this is for some sexy thong panties..and a sexy
sleep wear fears were starting to come true..she was going
to make me a sissy..but like all else it started to seem like the
very right thing to do..she would hold them up for all to see..and
she was shopping..not just a quick pick up of panties..but a shopping
trip like girls do...talking out loud about my size..then having me
carry every thing..then go through the line to pay for was a
blk guy..he just looked at if to say another wimp white
guy..there was a cute girl behind me all mistress off at a
distance..enjoying the show..i was humilated..then it was off to the
sex shop..which we rented ts/cd videos..had to wait at the counter
while filling out paper work..the clerk looking at the video jackets
knowing who i was..i think she was a sub home..mistress took
all the hair off my front and back upper body..god i felt soo
expossed..then had me take a bath with ginger (the spice)..once out i
began to sweat real bad..then she took plastic wrap and mummificated
me..i freaked in my mind..i was soo helpless..she could have gaged me
right there and put a hole in the plastic were my asshole was..bent
me over and sold my ass to men..and there was nothing i could have
done..but instead my mistress is very kind and loving..we watched the
videos of men being pushed into sissy roles by shemales..lots of
leather and one point mistress filled my mouth with her
real man size vib..9"x1.5"...had me suck it like the sissy sluts in
the movie...the ginger acted as a body was now
weak..soft..very much like a girl..but more over my mind was jelly..i
took another shower..put on my sexy night set..thongs and a half
shirt thingy..she the ordered pizza...she had to go pick up..she put
her new gag in my mouth..bound my hands behind my back..and my feet
togeather..all in front of a huge window that faced the street..i was
slow to understand this..until she turned on the light once she was
clear of the room...said..a wsissy slut like you should be put on
display..don't go any were..i'll be back..when she pulled out..i saw
how thin the curtians were..oh my god..what if someone sees..i'll
just stand still..but my body had been on the edge far too
knees start to give out...i was mistress seem to have taken
forever getting back home...i was mortifyed..finnaly she let me come
and eat with her and watch the videos again...i know she saw my
cock..just hope she doesn't think it turns me on to see that
stuff..then we went to play..but i feel asleep on my

- fell asllep on mistress

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