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2001-11-07 13:54:24 (UTC)

Life is a one way street....with pit-stops every so often.

'Life sucks.....and then you die!' Is just one phrase I

'Make the most out of your's the only one you
get.' Is another I like.

As you can tell, this is going to be my bitching entry.

My nana has been sick for sometime nowand it's hurting me
inside and out. Thank god I have my best friend Magda here
to pull me up when I'm down. My mom and dad are too busy
with Nana and the new baby..which by the way happens to be
yet ANOTHER boy...and the littlest beings of the rat pack.

I don't mind really. I think I would mind more if I did NOT
have Magda. But I do!

Oh, but nana is getting better by the day! Or at least
that's what my mom is telling me.

My stomach hurts. I ate a few walnuts...I think they give me

Oh and I dyed my hair neon pink. It looks mom
actually HASN'T noticed yet...and that just proves her state
of mind.

Why do people who eat something and it tastes bad say, 'Eww,
this is NASTY, try it?' ! That makes NO sense! If it taste
bad, why in hell would you want to try it ?

Ok that's enough for now. Be back later with more bitching!