2001-11-07 13:44:06 (UTC)


I cleaned out another closet this morning. I'm really
starting to think this is all avoidance behavior. I don't
want to cut out and sew than jumper. I've quilted for years
and years but when it comes to actually sewing clothing I
feel intimidated. I am having fun, however, finding all
kinds of things I'd forgotten I'd had or thought I'd lost.

The entry way closet now has a box of fabric, one of craft
items and patterns, one of snowman decorations for January
and February, and four of quilt kits. I ended up with one
empty box which I used for large pieces of fabric--about
evently divided between folk/primitive fabrics like plaids
and stripes in golds, browns, and reds and more
romantic/floral fabrics in pinks and greens. That's about
the same way the quilt kits are divided up too.

John called from work and said I might want to make an easy
dinner tonight because he was probably going to go to a
union meeting straight after work. It seems that management
wants to cut some positions in the flak dryer. Not his;
he's actually number two, but lower positions. That would
mean, of course, that those remaining, him included, would
have to pick up their work as well.

The weather was warm and lovely this morning. So warm, in
fact, I had doors and windows open. But around 3 p.m. a cold
wind chased it all away and I quickly closed the house up.
John made a fire in the evening which cheered the place and
warmed the house as well. I should pay more attention to
the cats; they know. They were in the house and hunkered

John gave Shep a bath tonight in anticipation of his going
to get his shots and license renewed tomorrow. He had the
luxury of sleeping in the shop all night as it's much too
cold for a wet dog to sleep out tonight.