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2001-11-07 13:00:12 (UTC)

Day 2 "Return of the Living Smegma"

OK, so the title has nothing to do with the content...Maybe
I can incorporate smegma somehow towards the end of this update.

So, here I am living in Japan, when all of a sudden I
realize I cant speak the language, let alone read the goddam
thing. YOU try memorizing THOUSANDS of kanji!
So Im at this restaurant with some of my training mates (I
believe I mentioned something about training this week for
my current job) and Im still reduced to pointing at the
fucking pictures on the menu...hoping its something I can
stomach and I wont have a case of the squwirts halfway
through training. I figure liquid shit is a bad impression
on new employers.

I am so lazy at this language aquisition it truly is
pathetic. and Im a language teacher for christs sake!
Well, they do say teachers make the worst students and
doctors make the worst patients.
I did ROCK on my teaching prctice. They sent some real live
students to be our guiny pigs..I had a great repoir (French
spelling sucks) with my student. I rocked if I do say so my
damn self.
Enough backpatting.
Im glad I never have a smegma problem...that would be