Journey of a Skater
2001-03-21 02:13:34 (UTC)

Shoulda mentioned this earlier,..

Shoulda mentioned this earlier, who I am and what the hell
this "Journey of a Skater" thing is. I'm a kid from Ohio,
one of the last places a skater (skateBOARDER not ice
skater or whatever) would choose to live in, but they are
around here, I see them or hear them. I originally started
this diary on another site, but this one I find to be more
reliable and easier to get to. I am determined to learn
how to skatyeboard and how to perform the various tricks
that there are in it (except the 900, I'll leave that to
Mr. Hawk). Something I wanted to say in my last entry. I
got my dad to agree to help me build a box for doing tricks
on. I drew up the plans and got some measurements, and
we're going to build it this weekend. Well, gotta go,
time for some tv!