Cosmic Rain
2001-11-07 12:13:19 (UTC)

I Can Smell The Past...

"....Restless being why can't you sometimes release
yourself into silence of mind where thoughts take vacations
leaving you to relax and be content,cause you realised
today it’s time for change...."

I don't think you'll get psychotic...I don't think you'll
try and stalk me...I really don't know what you will do,
but tomorrow I will be straight. I will put you in your
place. Then it's up to you..You choose your fate by your
reaction. I have the choice of handling it myself. I asked
for that before it goes higher. Then if you persist then be
prepared. How far do you want to persist when you have a
wife and kids???..

Amazing what a sound can do..What memory it can bring back,
just like that of a smell. A flood of memories spring back
just from the tiniest of unexpected sensory jolts. Of late
I have been looking through a lot of my older writings. And
one of my Word files has a sound wav. No idea why it's
there or for what reason I added it. But I clicked it and
it's the Chimes sound from Windows that I haven't heard in
ages and it instantly took me back to the days of a
particular Internet Cafe. The place I first ever
experienced the World Wide Web. Where'd I'd sit and eat
pizza and drink hot chocolates and discover just what was
out there. That was about 5 years ago. Where I first
explored my awakening sexuality to a higher degree. And
have good little Catholic Family's come out of no where and
peek over my shoulder and ask me to show their children how
it all works, while names like "Slut4You" suddenly would
pop up onto my screen and ask for cyber. And I would scoff
and turn a lovely colour of red and explain there are some
strange people out there. And after they disappeared in
horror, I'd go back to the strange people and discover

It fast became an addiction, where I'd lose Saturday's to
this new world. It's like new love. It's fresh, it's
exciting and it smells different. New things smell
different. I can still smell the newness of the Internet.
That went from Cafe's to breaking into my friends work and
creating our own world into the dark early hours of Sunday.
Well we had a key, so we never really broke in, just let
ourselves into where we shouldn't be...Music, food, soft
drink and microchip holders. Plastic tubes that would
shatter with this beautiful sound of echoing forbiddeness.
It was crazy, wild and wrong and that's why we loved it. We
were the Kings and Queens of our little mayhem of madness.
Yes, it is amazing what memory a simple sound can evoke....

"...It’s funny how naked you feel..When somebody opens
their heart..Lays it down...Their art gallery...All their
pictures on display...All for you to see...."

The Door Mat: Why did you just remind me of Snuffaluffagus?
(the Elephant from sesame street)
Me: Well my leg is grey and I did wave it like a trunk

And with that she said goodnight....

"...Dancing snowflakes..Catch on your eyelashes..and I
can’t help but laugh.. At the whimsical splashes..You cast
to the gods above...Even though you don’t believe..."