No Use For A Diary
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2001-11-07 09:25:39 (UTC)

No One Wants Me

I saw him tonight and he wouldn't talk to me. At first, Brendan said it was because he was embarassed. But then, Brendan started explaining the rules of "the game"...apparently, everyone operates under these rules of relationships and sex...and he's supposed to make me suffer...i don't get these rules...i guess he's not supposed to talk to me for a week or something.
i'm so sad. why can't a guy just like me? why do i have to be so disgusting? it's weird that i like him so much...maybe just because he's the first guy i've wanted to get to know and trust and all that, since zack.
oh well...i guess i'll have to wait and see but i dont' understand. if he didn't want to talk to me again, why didn't he just have sex with me? if i was a guy, that's what i would do!
there's not one good thing about me.