2001-11-07 08:58:01 (UTC)

High Low

we sat around chris' house after everyone left and we
played high low, me chris and brett. i got pretty drunk in
twenty minutes flat. i love fast-moving card drinking
games, they get the job done. now im home. i have to get up
in four hours. this fucking sucks.

brett wouldn't let me get out of the car. honestly i didn't
want to. i feel so upset about losing shoe and casey, but
when i'm with brett, those certain moments, i completely
forget and i couldn't care less. i still don't get why
they're so anti-"me and brett" but whatever.

this is a struggle. this is probably the most challenging
thing i've done all day, tried to keep my eyes open when
i'm this drunk and tired. i'm having a hard time keeping up
with all the typos, you people can't see them because i
keep going back and erasing them and fixing them, but
they're there. i didn't type my western civ paper. fuck.
it's due tomorrow. hopefully i'll be able to go to school
early so i can hit up the computer lab and type the measly
three pages before class. i can't afford to miss any
assignments. i've come to grips with the fact that i have
royally fucked up yet another semester of community
college. i started out with 16 credits. i'm down to 7. 7
credits that i am clinging onto for dear life, just so my
mother can't feel like it was completely wasted. i feel so
guilty. i miss shoe, i miss casey, i miss brett already. i
miss my lanie. im fucking tired and cranky. time for some
sleep. or some spins, whichever comes first.