inque nine/synthetic sour
2001-11-07 08:34:13 (UTC)

pretend that we're dead

feh... I'm kind of depressed. rite now it's not so bad,
but I was pretty pissed off this morning. -_- it's work,
again. Basically work is the only really stressful thing
in my life.

i had a really good weekend, tho. we spent all of sunday
and monday just... doing stuff. =) and on monday nite...
marvin bought me a ring. =) i've mentioned it in my other
diaries, so i cant remember if i mentioned it here or
not... but just in case (n also cuz i just wanna say
it ;) ) marvin and i are getting MARRIED!! oh, i love him
so much. and i'm so happy. HAPPY! that is a majorly rare
thing, when it comes to me. ;) marvin is the one perfect
thing in my life... and honestly, i think you really only
need one perfect thing. yes, work sucks and things get
weird with ryan a lot and i'm stressed and depressed, BUT!
i have marvin. and that just makes everything better.

so im trying not to stress about work TOO much. i kno i'm
gonna quit, i just hafta work up the nerve to tell my
boss. i'm chickenshit, but i kno i'll eventually do it...
b/c i'm just plain like that... if i want sth, i will
eventually get it. and i wont wait fer sum1 to hand it to
me... i'll go ut and get it meself. it truly is
satisfying, and gives u someone to trust, if yer like me
and dont trust other people easily... who else :can: you
trust, really... but yerself?

10 more days until my medusa. and marvin'll have a day off
too, so maybe it'll be like a short form of the weekend we
just had. =) lol, me giddy like a little girl a lot of the
time now... n_n


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