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2001-03-21 01:44:57 (UTC)

Today was a tranquil day, nice..

Today was a tranquil day, nice in some parts.

Math is really hard, more confusing than ever. But it still
is one of my favorite classes. Is that a paradox?

I am over E. I think. And my self-esteem has been boosted a
bit because I look slimmer already. Maybe there is hope.
Maybe there isn't. But anyway, I still will have lots of

AD, one of the nicest girls from the first group, sat with
me today and we talked a lot. She's great--radiant,
beautiful, athletic, and smart. It's nice to know not all
cheerleaders are bitches. We're on an Art project together.

What really pisses me off, remembering today, is that since
the traffic was really heavy, I crossed the street and some
imbecile didn't see me, so she was bumped into from behind.
So, as I'm trying to trudge home, she pulls over, yells for
me to come over, and proceeds to scold me for being so
reckless (with her HIGH school kids in the back, of course).

But Mom and I went out afterwards and I got into a better
mood. Some new magazines always cheer me up.

Okay, more tomorrow.