Monties life
2001-11-07 07:27:18 (UTC)

Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!! Sleep at last!!!

Dear Diary~
Last night I went to bed at a reasonable hour!!! I am
so happy!!! I am going to go to bed soon, so this will be
a short one...
Have you ever wanted that "perfect" life? Of course
you have!!! You wouldn't be normal otherwise. I will have
that "perfect" life someday, just have to work for it.
Someday, I will open up a bar and grill, but the name shall
remain silent. Don't need to give you any ideas. lol :)
Marshall is getting bigger everyday. We had thought
about getting him a female, but now it seems that it might
be more trouble than it's worth. We may get him fixed
because his "manly" habits are getting really annoying. He
really is a "typical" man. He expects me to do everything
for him... Oh well, I am his "mommy"! lol
I just found out yesterday that my mom is comming for
Thanksgiving!!! I haven't seen her in so long. I miss her
dearly. Jon is going to find out which day he has off. I
hope he has the day before off. Would like to spend more
time with her while she's here. I know this is going to be
one of my shortest entries yet, but I can't help that very
much, now can I?
Wendy~lady was frozen last night. Only for 15
minutes, but still. What the hell did she do to deserve
that!? She has done nothing but help those who need it!!!
Something is very wrong in the state of Neopets... Just
hope that I am not next...
Lizzie had the last of her wisdom teeth removed
today. I know how much that hurts and how well the drugs
work! lol I feel for her, but it won't hurt for much
It's time to say goodnight. I need to sleep you
know! I hope everyone has a good night, and a wonderful