Mars Hotel
2001-11-07 07:19:10 (UTC)


you never really liked me
so what am I supposed to say?
you break up with me
and try to pin it on me

"I get the feeling you don't really like me...
you're just attached to me"
but then the truth comes out
and I know you don't really know if you ever
liked me

you say I'm perfect for you
but that's because I'm "honest"
and I don't get pushed away easily
but as far as my personality goes,
you don't really know who I am,
do you?

and so you tried to convince yourself
you liked me
that didn't work, did it?
so you tried to let me go by pinning it on me
and telling others you felt bad for hurting me
that you didn't want me to hate you
you wanted to look like the good guy
who had to do what must be done

people sympathize with you
people have sympathy on me

but dear, I am hurt
and I do hate you
because you stole from me
what should've been kept mine

I should've let your depression
eat away at you
but I did care about you
and I tried to help

because of you
I feel cheated
I feel jaded
worst of all, I feel like
running away