Nick's Journal
2001-11-07 06:14:26 (UTC)


So I went to Michigan this weekend, that was exciting.
Well mostly the trip up there, maybe it was the lack of
sleep, the synthetic awareness, or the excruciating test,
but the trip was crazy. Leaving at 10 p.m., the journey
seemed pretty much under control. The usual subjects were
touched upon that no two people would bring up if they
weren't in a car with each other for over 10 hours. If you
don't know what those convos are then I suggest you go on a
trip me, you'll end up asking each
other why pubic hair doesn't grow all the way to your
Overall it went fine, until I got "lost" in Cleveland. Now
I say "lost" because I didn't see I'm male
and we're always right, it's just that the stupid fucking
highway (probably built by a female) merged into fifty
fucking lanes and I couldn't figure out the correct exit at
the insane speed that I was pushing. Nevertheless at 3:30
a.m. Juliann and I end up at the ass end of
American...namely Cleveland. Now I thought my german
teacher was kidding when he said that Cleveland bordered
Satan's abode in hospitality. We actually made a very nice
decision of going to the hospital and into the emergency
room, figuring that if we get knifed on the way in, we'll
get patched up right away. Anyhow, we apparently entered
during nap-time and I startled the security guard who
seemed to get a kick out of two white kids lost in
Cleveland at 3:30 in the morning. Luckily we got our
directions and I resumed the trip.......a little too
Within half an hour of that ordeal I pass a cop as I did 94
in a 65, sure enough he pulls out and pulls me over. He
was very nice, didn't give me reckless and just told me
to "slow it down a little".......a little? what like keep
it around 90 mph? but we got directions from him as to
where the next food stop was. by then I saw cop cars where
18 wheelers were so i decided to pull over. after that
things got kinda hazy. the drugs sorta mixed my reality
and i floated in and out of consciouness, at one time we
were at indiana, and at another at a super mart. we ended
up at hardees and ate greasy sausage biscuits. the genius
inbred there told me how i could feel my cup with this
black liquid called coke. see what i do is go to the
machine and push the lever and the liquid comes out, but
first i want to put ice in it or else it will
splash..........well at my current state i guess that
explanation was necessary. for all that i rag on that guy
i have to agree and say that he seemed VERY happy with what
he was doing which led to a hazy "philosophical" discussion.
possibly that "loser" was just as happy with his "dead-end"
job as a "sucessful" business man. to me it seems that the
successful are unhappy cos they think they can get more,
and the un-successful are unhappy because they can hardly
get the basic satisfactions of life. but then there are
those that enjoy their positions and even help out
stupified austrians get their carbonated beverages.....i
give a alcohol-induced bow to those troopers.
so we finally make it to michigan and just collapse out of
exhaustion. in the evening we content ourselves with
kicking a soccer ball around a super mart and reading the
backs of game boxes.
saturday i watched my beloved hokies spread wide for the
pittsburgh people. alas, so much for the season. what i
noticed is that television even makes the furthest places
seem like home. like it's great to see that even though
you're in michigan UPN still sucks, and Moesha still acts
like a dumb-fucking bitch. ah, the little securities of
life. saturday night we try to recruit people for the
party, but michigan is full of assholes (trust me i know
i've met all 15 of them). anyhow, that was just fine,
because that meant more alcohol for me.
on the way back i was tailgated again in west virginia, i
pushed it to 90 (in a 65) and finally back over to the
right lane, as a cop car flew by. I LOVE WEST VIRGINIA
COPS. TWICE they rode my ass and then passed me. it was a
great weekend, a great trip, and a great change. i learned
a lot, and had a great time. :-)