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2001-11-07 05:41:24 (UTC)

A Light that shines upon me

Today started out droned and tired. I got out of bed after
listening to my alarm clock going off for like 30 minutes,
You can't imagine how much it took to get out of my bed. I
thought I might have to tear off an arm or something :P

I got to school, and there was Daniel, just as sweet as
ever, and he immediately gave me a sweet little kiss on the
cheek, he makes my tummy squirm. I love all the sweet
little things he does, and he has beautiful eyes. Well
anyways. He's got this biting thing that he likes and he
bit my neck today and left a mark, not a big one, but
enough to notice. I lied to my mom and told her someone
had pinched me and it left a mark, but I think she was kind
of skeptical.

I think I am really starting to like Daniel, I mean, he's
so considerate and stuff and that is very important to me.
He always worries about how I feel, and then he thinks
about himself. That is an awesome quality I think.

I think me and Daniel will be together a VERY long time, my
mom likes him, and he hasn't met my dad yet, but somehow, I
get the feeling he will be around for awhile.

Well, Hugs 'N Kisses, I've got to go!

(L) NiKkI *The KoRn Freak*