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2001-11-07 02:38:30 (UTC)

Two stories one Heart - Tuesday night battle

For some reason I met my friend Mel and her new friend neighbour
Jan at public transportation stop at my home town.
It was afternoon ending. I felt now I missed some chances to
be in Mel life and be in trust of her. Jan invited me to
go up with them to Mel house. I was going to my home
instead. If she can't trust all on me I couldn't help her.
She is having sensation of lost. It maybe loneliness and
depression. And may she really has reasons to have it.
She was with a tough people. With my help she could apart
of that ogre. But she is afraid of it.
All days I felt my heart beating as two. Usually my heart
doesn't make noticed. I'm with a rare cold disease I guess.
I have feelings now I never had even I was a child.
Sometimes I saw my friend Mel as an Angel. An angel of light
with white dresses and short hair style. In really she has
a light brown long haired style. I told her I passed last
six months since I knew her better to learn to be with her.
But I can't fit with her now. She is different and away.
Tonight after all and as before in April she was in a
crossroad thinking about the rest of her life. She was close
to a friend and I could see tears from her eyes. No people
act as seen her silent cry but me. They can't afford a real
relationship. In a fight of different friends they prefered
to be watching than to risk aparting them. Or just
presenting them as friends.
May I talk more to her mother. Who I never talked so much
than hallo. I am debt of friend Mel because nights and
afternoons she did mind about me. I had a Petcat but have
no more than it to survive rest of life. She gave a new
sunshine for my life. Now my heart feels she needs me.
I guess what I feel on my heart that was so cold is her
heart. Sometimes scares sometime worried. She is so strong
but lonely. And she is running from my hugs I guess she
is desperate in dark. Maybe she doesn't know where can
trust. She only could say thank you when I said those three
I have passed days trying to do not guilt enemies but trying
to conquer and save her by herself. Neither all times I will
be her side to help. I think most times she is really alone.
Reason because she say thank you instead of feel something
God thanks by Angels.