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2001-11-07 05:37:23 (UTC)


hey every one well iam still single and i still have a
boring as hell life and just to make it worst my friend
nicole just left to london today at 9:30 Am and she should
be there at 1:00Am she is going to email me as soon as she
gets there soo i still know that she is alive or not just
to make her feel safe i gave her one of my stuffed duckies
that plays music to hole while she is on the plane soo yea
on monday we were talking about what would i do if she died
in a plane crash i told her i dunno well at least u would
be happy cause you will be dieing with somthing of mine soo
i will alwayz be in your heart and dreams i told her that i
would miss her verry verry verry much soo at school i gace
her a big KISS and a big HUG she she kissed me back and
huged me bacxk (i felt soo loved) and well iam really hella
bored.. and mad at one of my best friends cause she might
go out with a guy that she knows that i sweat his balls and
she is just doing that to make me mad at i would never do
anything like that to her and she knows that she is nothing
like her sister her sister nicole would never do ant thing
to hurt me and i know that for a fact cause she is not like
that befor i thought i would love lindsay more then nicole
but i switched it around she has made out with 4 guys in
one week ronnie,freedy,alex and danna i hate it i had a
talk with her in core today and i told her that if she went
out with danna i would never talk to her agian and i would
never be her friend and i guess iam never goint o talk to
her agian, watch tomarrow she will talk to me and i won't
talk back, but anywayz 26 more days till my birthday iam
soo exited iam going to have a big ass party at the
beaVERTON HOOP on november/30/2001 my real birthday is on
december/2/1988 but i want to go see all my old friends
cause they all live in beaverton aloha and i live in
portland and i realy wanna see my (so called sister) riki i
miss her soo much even tho she treats me like shit somtimes
that last time i called her was halloween and i havent talk
to her befor that since summer was over soo i miss ehr too
and this is all the friends i miss
kurtis,brandie,whitany, and that all the important people
but there is going to be much much more and well iam kinda
tired soo iam going to go to bed ok buh bye hope to get
some feeback