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2001-11-07 05:32:48 (UTC)

My love, my one, my only, my Ben

My whole life has changed
Sence you came in, I knew right then

You were that specal one
I'm so in love, so deep in love

You made my life compleet
You are so sweet, no one compeates

Glad you came into my life
You are the one, to you I am the sun

Ben...I don't know if there are enough words in the english
language to discribe my love for him. He is just...so
purrrfect. I long for him so much...just to talk to him is
heaven to me. My love for him grows more and more each day
and my thoughts drift to him even while i'm at work.
Ben...you are the best thing that ever happend to me. And
one day we will be together. Hold tight my love, I will be
with you one day.

Ya know now I do know what a friend of mine is going
through. Though he is kinda lucky, he and his mate have
actualy been together. I so wait for the day ben and I
will finally see eachother. Though I think when I see him
I'm going to cry. I long for him so. Hehe but after I get
over the shock of seeing him...well... =D...I guess you
all can guess.

Anyway other than that my life is set on waiting for a tail
I'm going to get soon. I know ya'll are like o.O "A tail?"
Yes a tail...a long black tail for this big panther. I
can't wait to just show it off to everyone I know ^_^

Well that's kinda my life. Nothing really exciteing other
than the tail. Hehe but my love life is soreing...and
that's what truly matters. I look forward to the day when
I will meet my love. Soon ben, soon. : )