The Diary of S
2001-11-07 05:05:48 (UTC)

Update on my life: My baby won..

Update on my life:

My baby won third place in a costume contest. I seriously
thought he should have gotten first...but oh well!

Also a friend of mine (her name is Rachael) found out she
was pregnant about a month ago. Anyway, her looser ex-
boyfriend Jerry is being an asshole about everything with
He broke up with Rachael and has a new girl now
(Natalie)... another friend of my mine. And just for the
record she didn't know that Jerry was taken.
Anyway...so Rachael just found out she was pregnant and is
about three months along. She wants Jerry by her side but
he wants to screw around with Natalie and fuck around with
Rachael too. Natalie does not know what is going on.

Well, I took Rachael to this house that Jerry and Natalie
frequent and they weren't there. We then told Melissa...a
friend of Natalie's why we were there and what was going
on. She was pissed!! Natalie has no idea about any of this.

When then went by Natalie's house. They weren't there
either. So Rachael told her mom that Jerry was playing
around with both of them. Natalie's mom got severly pissed.
She didn't like Jerry to begin with but then Rachael told
her mom they were sleeping together!!!! OMG!!
Natalie's mom is sooooo very Christian and believes in
abstinence until you are married..maybe even after that!
She flips out and Rachael calms her down.
I can't believe she thinks her 18 yr old daughter is
I'll finish this later!
See ya,