Cynical Optimist

Rain Into a Paper Cup
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2001-11-07 05:02:27 (UTC)


I spent several hours today just walking and
thinking....still no definite answers, but I'm looking, and
sometimes looking for answers is more important than
actually finding them, right? I mean, to keep learning, to
keep examining your thoughts; those are good things. If my
life were perfect, or close to it, I might not still be
doing these things. For now I will continue to wander,
look, and wonder. (Wandering, btw, is not necessarily a bad
This evening I went to a lecture/discussion with Carol
J. Adams, who wrote The Sexual Politics of Meat and Living
Among Meat-Eaters. I was actually nervous about going since
I didn't think that I would know anyone, and I didn't know
how militant people there would be. I was very pleasantly
surprised, and I would actually very much like to get
involved with SEAL (Students for Education on Animal
Liberation.) I'm very glad that I went tonight….I need to
meet more veggies! (Even though some people would say that
it's a complete waste of time....grrrr!)
I think I'm going to read more of The Little Prince
tonight. I can't wait until I can read (and understand) it
in French, like it was meant to be read! Okay, so I may
never truly be able to, but I feel as though I'm getting
closer. It is, after all, written simply like a child's
fairy tale. It's up to the reader if they want to take it
beyond that, so the language is simple (and beautiful!!)
In a way, this seems as though it's been very
nonproductive, but I feel at least slightly clearer about a
few things, and I definitely feel more relaxed. ::yaaawn::
and tired! I think I'm going to call this a nice, early
night! Perhaps by tomorrow I'll have some more real
thoughts...for now I don't feel like dealing with anything,
so I'll sleep!! :)