Sarah Michelle

Sarah Michelle
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2001-03-20 22:48:42 (UTC)

Today was so freaking boring! I..

Today was so freaking boring! I was actually bored enough I
cleaned the house. I can amaze myself sometimes! Wow! Rat
was being he's usual pesty self...he is such a jerk! I am
so happy that both of my brothers will be gone tonight!
YEAH! They both have to go to some meeting. I get the house
all by myself! Well my parents will be here but still, no
pesky brothers!
I called Wes today. We actually had a good conversation
going too! I don't even remember what he said but something
set me off...oh yeah...he hung up on me, no reason, just
did. I took that well though, he said something when he
called back, can't remember what, but I blew up. I told him
he was just like all the other guys, he can be so sweet
then his dick starts talking for him and he turns into a
real moron.
Then somehow we got on the subject of how I tell him
everything pretty much but he never tells me a thing. so he
goes off on me and say's that he is too boring to talk
about. Spare me the pity party, PUH-LEEZE! I ended up
telling him that I don't date boring guys. When I do, I
dump them in the first week. But we have lasted 6 months,
and all he has to do is ask all my friends how I adore him!
I mean, I am pretty sure my friend Andrea is tired of
hearing about him! I am waiting for her to come out and
tell me to shut up about him. But then again if we ever
broke up, she would be the first person there. She can get
kinda crack babyish sometimes but really she's a total
doll. I don't know what I would do without her. She's
always been there for me.
I mean this year, I went to Cotillion, and some stuff
happened that I can't take/get back, she was kewl about it
and kept her mouth shut when I told her. I have this
other "friend" Kristy, that I could NEVER tell stuff like
that too becuz she would run to Audra or her guy friends
and open her mouth. Well outta time- I'm out-

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