The Bass Player

Ravings of a Madman
2001-11-07 04:46:27 (UTC)


I just took a nap, so I'm kinda groggy. Let's see...Over
the last week I hung out with Emily til 4 at Denny's on
Thursday night/Friday morning. It was kinda cool; we said
we'd go on a date to a rock climbing place, but I doubt
it'll happen. Dan wants me to come by his work today so I
can hit on her or whatever. Saturday night I had a get
together with Kristin. We went ice skating, had dinner,
and watched a movie. She fell twice becuase of the show
offs up there. They were skating backwards and she
couldn't dodge them, so she went the only way she could:
down. She's ok, just a little bruised. Well...the bruise
is huge, but she's still ok. Sunday was a boring day.
Nothing to tell you about that. Last night (Monday)
Kristin and I went for a walk around the park. We found
this cat who followed us, but when we went back the way we
came, he stopped at the same place we found him. Strange,
eh? :) Little stalker cat..he was cool, but he kept
stepping in front of me while I walked, meaning Kristin
really liked the cat for that. Hehe. We played on the
teeter-totter(spelling?) and the swings; it was fun. :) I
took a long nap today...I think that brings us up to
speed. Yeah, I think so, so this is it. Bye.