thouhgts of Sam
2001-11-07 04:30:46 (UTC)

Alright well there is no title..

Alright well there is no title to this one but it's ok
cause I'm sam and sam dont care. Well now it's been a
while since my last entry but I dont care I think I am
starting to get away from doing this but I'm gonna try to
do it more often. But the thing is everything is going so
great and I cant really do this when I'm happy, but I'll
try. My friend andrew wants to come out here this
christmas along with andy alex and some other people, but I
really only want him to come out here cause in the end I
was only cool with him. He was always there for me and the
other guys were only there when we did something as a big
group. I dunno maybe it will be good maybe it wont be.
We'll see, but anyway I am so pumped about friday I get to
go to the movies, I'm not sure what I'm going to see but I
know I'll have fun. And part of that is because who I'm
going with. It's gonna be so great. Wow all kinds of
things, I mean katy is leaving this weekend so we are gonna
have to find somewhere else to hang out and stuff, and
everyone is gettting sick I mean I'm not but I still have
my cough thingy, but I'll get over it. I hope joselin isnt
sick this weekend and stuff and I hope everyone else gets
better too. It sucks for aum though I mean does she care
for him or what? I know how much he likes her and I'm like
aum are you sure? and he says he is but I dont know
anymore. Ahh that sucks, but anyway that's enough bad
stuff cause I'm in a really good mood and I dont want to
ruin it, I need to change my sheets it's been a week and I
have to otherwise I'll feel dirty, but I dont want to do
the work of actually changing them, it kinda sucks. But
it's ok cause tomorrow is an "A" day and I'm happy cause
those are the best days. I have my easy days and stuff so
I'm ready for tomorrow. I'm ready for this weekend, I'm
ready for anything. Yay! I'm so happy