JWhite's Testaments
2001-11-07 04:17:48 (UTC)


I went back to school today. It was a long day. I would
love school if I didnt have to deal with certain people and
certain classes (ie MATH).
The day was quite uneventful.
I had to work today.
I also got my hair cut. That was the absolute highlight of
my day. It was long, barely brushing my shoulders; now it
is short and punky, sort of like Pink's hair.
My entry is pretty damn boring today. 'Tis the life I lead.

Today was the first basketball game of the season. I didnt
think I would care, but I am sad. Part of me still wants to
be out there. Of course, I am glad I am not running till I
puke or lifting weights, but the game still calls me

Thats all for tonite.