Wings With Love
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2001-11-07 04:08:09 (UTC)

Poem-Come Float With Me

As dusk approaches, do you see me?

I am the soft pink cloud that is floating in the breeze.
Floating ever so gently,
I am floating over to you.

The colors in your cloud are of the colors of the rainbow
You float through the breeze too.

Here I am.

Now we are beside each other.
Changing now and then,
but slowly like clouds do change as they move

You are gentle to the touch
You are gentle to the heart

Nighttime will be here soon.
Will you float under heaven’s stars with me?
Will you sleep with me under heaven’s lights?

Please do not float too far from me.
As real as clouds are, they do disappear.
Please stay floating beside me.

For if you should float away and disappear,
my cloud would fill with tears,
and I would rain on the earth.