Wings With Love
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2001-11-07 04:06:37 (UTC)

Poem-Come Rest With Me

it is approaching
I need to find a place to rest

Over there in the meadow
that is where I will stay,
upon the branch of that tall weeping willow tree.

It’s branches drape down like curtains
The whisps of green that hangs from the branches,
will shield me tonight.

Will I be alone?
I do not have the answer.

I flutter gently down upon the branch
It is time to rest now

You were with me throughout the day
As we fluttered together in the sunny summer sky,
we floated and danced among the soft breeze.
We fluttered and stayed side by side

But them I turned and you were gone.
Where did you go?
Maybe the breeze caught your wing,
and took you to a field of dandelions.

And so I fluttered all day in hopes of finding you.
But alas, no I could not see your beautiful blue wings,
fluttering in that sunny summer sky.

So tired now, I had no choice but to find some place
to rest and sleep
So I rested

All I could hear was the stillness of the evening

But then...
Oh then...I heard it.

another pair
Oh and yes they were blue
And yes it was you, my caring blue butterfly

As quickly as you disappeared you reappeared
You fluttered to the same tree as I
You floated down and rested right beside me.

You must have been looking for me too,
for your wings were so tired also.

And as nighttime approached,
and we could no longer see the light from the distant sky,
we settled down resting side by side,
with our wings wrapped around each other.

We let the whisps of green that hung from the branches
shield us from the night.
We listened to the quiet sounds of nature,
as it lulled us into slumberland.

Again we are not alone.


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