life of a lozer
2001-11-07 04:06:07 (UTC)

just another day passing by

Hey hEy heY. today, hmmm, today, what happened? well, our
skool won state in the cross-country meet last week. yeah,
go us. but anyways, today we had the pep assembly for it.
its always sweet, gettin all the shortened classes and all.
well anyhoo, it was goin great fer awhile, and then one of
the coaches gives his speech. it was a good one, and then
he turns it over to sum of the guys on the team. he then
goes to sit down and he just like passes out. i dunno if he
just fainted, or if he had a heart attack, or what, but it
was pretty scary and not the way anyone wanted to leave
skool thinking about. all i haveta say is i hope he is
okay. the bus was pretty quiet today cuz of it, and it's
just ackward. he was a teacher for drivers ed, PE and
coached a few sports. i guess we'll all find out tomorro.
so yeah, that was pretty upsetting. other than that, it was
the usual. get up, go to skool, come home. still havent
gotten my sk8board yet. ccs is not the place to order yer
board from. shoulda just gone ta skateshack or first gear
or sumthin. o well, guess i've learned my lesson. hmmmm,
yeah thats gunna be bout it fer tonite. nuthin to reallie
talk about. both mom and dad were out tonite, so it was
just me and the other two lil squirts, so it was pretty
quiet. i think i'm gunna go take a quick shower, then get
sum last minute studyin done for a test i got in geometry
tomorro....eugh. might as well just place the big F on the
front of my test tomorro and hand it in, saving us all the
trouble. geometry sux! okey dokey, well, i must be off.
Later Gator. ::defectivpunk::