Wings With Love
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2001-11-07 04:05:27 (UTC)


I am a pink butterfly
My wings are of rosy pink, with specks of silvery glitter
on the edges.

When I float through the season’s sunny skies,
I sparkle in the sunshine.
When I rest on the limb of a tree in the evening,
under the stars and the moon from heaven,
my wings glitter and become stars too.

I have floated through many seasons all alone.
I have floated and always wondered when…
When was I going to find my butterfly?
The one I would want to float with on the currents of the
that blow so gently on any given day.

As I was floating I fluttered passed you.
You did not see me.
I know that now.

I fluttered to you and rested my wings a bit.
I sat on your shoulder and watched you, but you didn’t even
know I was watching.
I know you didn’t feel my soft pink wings brush against you.

I liked what I saw,
and I decided I wanted to stay for a while longer.

So there I sat.
We conversed in our own language
A language no one else could understand.
A language no one else would want to take the time to
And the more we conversed the more we liked what we heard
and saw,
but mostly what we felt.

And so now here I am.
I am your pink butterfly.
And you are my blue butterfly.
But no one would understand that either.

We flutter to each other when we are happy.
We flutter to each other when we are sad.
When we are sad our wings wrap around each other,
and protect each other from hurt.
Our wings cannot be broken, for then we could not fly
Together side by side.

I wish to flutter with you always, on any given day.
I want to rest with you on any branch of any tree when you
are tired.
Just as I know you would rest with me if I was tired too.

Let your wings brush gently against mine, and I will brush
mine against you.
I want to feel you next to me.

I wish for us to float through the currents of the winds,
and through the breeze of a summer’s day.
I wish for us to flutter together till our wings can no
longer fly.