Wings With Love
2001-11-07 04:00:12 (UTC)

A Message to My Daughter...I Know You Can Dance

Tuesday, November 06, 2001

A Message to My Daughter...I Know You Can Dance

You came bounding down the stairs tonight with this sparkle
in your eyes that could light a thousand candles. A smile
on your lips that told me something special happened. And
so it did.

You made the honor roll. Second time in your life. All
for one B and it would have been high honors. But that
was ok you still made honor roll. You were so proud of
yourself. And I was so proud of you too. I hugged you,
kissed you, praised you and smiled back at you. I found
tears in my eyes because you were so proud of your
accomplishment. I knew you had it in you.

But as the tears came from eyes, so did they also come from
yours. But for another reason. One was that you were so
glad to hear those things come from my lips. But also
because now you were beginning to feel afraid. “Afraid of
what?,” someone might ask.

Afraid of the ending of one of one of your many
milestones. The end of the four short years you have spent
in high school. Having your friends (close and just
acquaintences) go in their own directions. Wondering where
they will go and when you will see each other again. A new
beginning with going onto college. Not sure of what
college you will attend. Not sure of scores on your
SAT’S. Wanting to be on your own. Living in a place of
your own. Not having me your Mother hovering over your
head all the time. Coming and going and doing it all on
your own. Not sure of so many things.

I told you, you could do anything that you put your mind
too. I told you that you were strong willed and
independent. Just the exact opposite of me at your age. I
told you that if you chose to move out on your own it would
be ok. That you needed to test your waters. And if for
some reason you didn’t like it out on your own you always
had a home to come back too. You will not know until you
try. And try is what you must do, for if you do not then
you never know where you could have been.

And then a song came on the radio “The Dance” by LeeAnn
Womack. I told you just to listen to the words. And there
I sat beside you on your bed. You laid your head upon my
shoulder and I rubbed the back of your head just like I did
when you were a tiny baby. And then the tears came from
both of our eyes. Maybe tears of saddness of you, but
tears of happiness from me. Always remember the words in
the song, “I know when one door closes, one more opens.”
And, “Dance.”
Because I told you to Dance.

You are everything in the world I ever could have hoped for
in a daughter. You bring me joy and happiness. Even when
we have our disagreements and arguements, and you and I
each have to deal with each other whether we like it or
not, I still love you. And as long as I have a breathe
inside of me I will always be there to catch you and help
you up if you should ever fall. You are my blessing.