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2001-11-07 03:38:41 (UTC)

cry baby

Nov 6, 2001

Well, today was horrible. I spent the entire day (well, my
spares) trying to do my math hw. I wasnt getting any of the
answers and I was really frustrated. In class Mrs. Graff
tried to help me and I burst into tears. Out of frustration
and hormones and dissapointment I guess. She led me out to
the bathroom and we talked for like 5 min. (embarassing) and
there were like 5 girls in the bathroom, some of which I
knew. I stayed locked in a stall, unable to come out and
face the other people who were not leaving the bathroom for
like 25 min. Then I heard a whisper "beth", "beeeth" "BETH?"
"BETH!".. I just kind of ignored it and hoped it would go
away.. but they were getting annoying so I opened the stall
door. Julia and Sarah (I dont like her very much) had come
to 'check on me'. Of all people! I tried to get them to go
away, but ended up allowing them to coax me out into the
hall- I didnt go back to class. I went to my locker, leaving
my books in calc class and going to work early. I kept
crying and crying. Its Mom and Dathat really get to me..
they dont realise that I do try! I try and I dont do well at
all.. its not my fault that Im dumb. is it? They always put
me down and make me feel bad. Its because of them that I cry
so much. I dont mind crying (although it leaves a horribly
sore dry feeling in my eyes), its just when people see me. *
sigh* life still sucks-