le soleil et la lune
2001-11-07 03:22:22 (UTC)


First I come into work today, and Susie is like, "Can you
work later tonight?" I added yet another 2 hours to this
week bringing me close to 40. No wonder I feel like I
don't have time to do anything except sleep, work and go to
school, I DON'T!

OKay, so I, Sarah Jade Rogers, had to register train the
other new front end manager, Walter tonight. What great
fun. The good thing is he isn't an ass like Josh. But
still. Grrrrrr.

I have to write me YIG bill by Thursday, which I didn't
know about until today, and my State and Carolina apps are
due to guidance tomorrow too. I'm so glad I was readily
informed of all of this stuff.

I think I have CJ's mom convinced to let him accompany me
to Durham next week, now I just have to find the damn
calander at work so I can sign off for it. What he wrote
is so depressing. I hope that something will change for
him, b/c I know how that feels, and it isn't fun.