Michael Through Time

The Mad Scientist's Notebook
2001-11-07 03:12:14 (UTC)


My friend,
I wish I had said
thank you
long ago

it is too late
and I feel sad
for I really liked you

I remember when we first met
you were the joker
filled with life and hope
and we had so much then

over time
you seemed to drift away
sailing in treasonous waters
as you tried to live life

we still got together from time to time
and for that time
you seemed like the friend of old
and life was fun again

now years later
I find you changed
eyes haunted with pain and bitterness
about to fall into the abyss

I'm sorry
so sorry
I wish I could have helped you when you needed it
as you did for me

maybe someday
that luster will come again
I hope so
for you were one of the best

and you still are my friend
but until you find that peace you seek
I have to say goodbye
and hope to see you again

I hope someday
to see the schoolyard friend
telling a joke
cheering me up

but until then, I'll think of you
and pray
goodbye old friend
see you around...