just a girl

Life Is Good (well...usually)
2001-03-20 21:49:14 (UTC)

The first day of spring, and it..

The first day of spring, and it's beautiful outside! 55
degrees and sunny. I worked a half day, then took a walk
and enjoyed it. I saw a redbird chirping in the trees and
petted a little scruffy dog. It was great.

But now I have to cook dinner and look for jobs. One
possibility is a sales job for TruGreen Chemlawn. I can
see it now, "Excuse me Sir, you have a lot of weeds in your
yard, I think you need this here lawn spray." No, actually
the job sounds okay. It would beat sitting in an office
all day. Well I hate looking for jobs and cooking dinner,
so I'll just write in my diary here a bit more before I go
do that.

My great uncle Losie died the other day (He's my PaPa's
brother). I didn't know Losie so well, but I feel bad for

I invited a girl from work named Tisha out to Bible study
today and I hope she'll come.

Tommorrow we are going to go out to dinner with Monica (the
girl I am studying the Bible with) and Steve (her
husband). It will be good to get to know Steve. He is
probably wondering about us church people and what we are
doing with his wife. Maybe someday he'll want to learn
about God also. We shall see.

Now to the job search....ugh.