2001-11-07 02:24:15 (UTC)


Ok, the first thing is that this is my hroscope for sunday,
the nite AFTER me and mark hooked up.....

You hook up with someone new and it's totally love at first
sight -- or, is it just the really strong urge to smooch?
Either way, you should ride this thing out and see where it
takes you. Just be careful not to mistake lust for love --
or a good kisser for a good BF!

How freaky is that?!?! hehe! I totally luv that kid!

Ok, now this is the poem that i wrote for him:

You can have my heart
You don*t have to borrow
But it would hurt if you take it
And then walk out 2morrow

I fell for you too easily
I*m still not sure what it was
Maybe it was your smile
Maybe it was just because

I really like you alot
And i just wanna let you know
That if you*re ever mine
I*ll never let you go....

Well, it ain*t nuthin special, but its a start! *hehe* I gots to run!
Good nite! luv ya!

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