2001-11-07 02:20:49 (UTC)

Strange Little Girl

i got an invitation to the wedding today. i opened it and
burst into tears, my lanie, my little elementary school
best friend, is getting married. for ten years we were best
friends, for ten years i protected her, stuck up for her,
got into fights for her, lost more than a few friends
because they fucked around with her. i attacked her
boyfriend because he hit her. i screamed at her when she
was bulemic, held her in front of the mirror in the
bathroom and told her she was shrinking away into a walking
corpse. besides the bad things, there are so many amazing
memories and so many good times and hours of laughing. i've
never had a friend like elana. she's one of those people
who comes along and changes your life completely and you
never, ever forget them. i feel so flattered that she wants
me to be her maid of honor. we made a pact when we were
eleven to be each other's maid of honor, and she stuck to
it. she's had her share of shitty guys, and i'm so glad she found a
really nice, genuine, good guy to be with. i really love him, his
name is van and he's great. they're so perfect together. aw fuck, now
i'm getting teary again. brett was making fun of me for crying
before, but he understood. he told me i need to just be there to give
her a hug when she needs it.